Industries and Companies

The companies we work with belong mainly to three sectors:

1.- Industry and food:
  • Wholesale trade of iron and steel products.
  • Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Repair of industrial and mechanical machinery in general.
  • Elaboration of meat products (hams and butcher's shop) and elaborated plates..
  • Bakery.
2.- Services:
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Leisure and entertainment (movie theaters, arcades, arcade machines, sports facilities, organization of musical events, etc.)
  • Transport of goods by road.
  • Gas oil and hydrocarbon distribution (gas stations).
  • Retail sale of household appliances.


3.- Construction and real estate:
  • Earth Moving and Civil Works.
  • Real estate development and leasing.
  • Construction of all types (housing, public works, etc...)
  • Architectural studies.
  • Wholesale and retail sale of construction materials (marble, concrete, sanitary ware, etc.).
  • Production and sale of clays.
  • Exploitation of aggregate and marble quarries.